When you were younger, and your mother begins to teach you the ins and outs of laundry in preparation for adulthood, there are probably lots of things that she failed to mention, or that you might have missed in the translation.  For instance, I bet she never warned you about this:

This is the true version of my son’s pants after ONE game of baseball.  Even bleach cannot help these stains.  And that mess that those pants are sitting on?  A full laundry basket…..after already finishing several loads of laundry.

Your mom probably never told you that there would be days when the laundry had to be washed faster than you could fold it, resulting in a heap of clean clothes that go straight from floor to being worn to being thrown in the hamper again.  She may have forgotten to tell you that even a baby can fill a hamper in one day, that those cute little onesies will develop the sickening smell of spit up that never quite goes away.  And I bet she missed telling you that white underwear for boys who are still learning the art of successful wiping is probably a poor idea.  She probably never told you that your ex would take the kids to the beach, throw all their wet clothes in a plastic bag, and that you had to shake them free from about a pound of sand before you could wash them.  She also probably failed to mention that your ex might leave some of his own clothing in that bag, and that you would end up washing those too (Intentional?  Probably.).  You may have missed her complaining about how the hamper filled up too fast for her to keep up, the insistence that you wear some of your clothing more than a day to keep the laundry level low, or her threats that the “maid” was going on strike.

But I bet you’re hearing her now….except this time in your own voice.


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  1. heck – even without kids, my laundry is constantly a scary pile of doom. It would help, of course, if I had available laundry facilities at my house and could wash laundry whenever I had time rather than having to drive half an hour to the (not 24 hour) laundry-mat on one of my boyfriend’s coveted days off work, but in the interest of full disclosure–our old apartment had a washer and dryer in the basement and laundry still managed to overwhelm on a regular basis.

  2. Uh, so when are you going to start giving "stain tips" because those pants look remarkably like my own son’s baseball pants. Ugh, $30 down the drain!

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