The baseball season is almost over.  Several posts ago I posted a picture of my son’s baseball pants after a game.  If you don’t remember, here’s what they looked like:

Pretty gross, right?  Of course, if your kid is also in baseball (or any sport, really), these pants are not shocking at all.  But the big question, household to household, is “How do you get rid of the stains???”

In a comment on my Laundry blog it was suggested that I give stain removing tips.  Being that I have none (seriously, HOW do you get stains like those out???), I am conducting my own little experiment on stain removal.  And I’m calling it (drumroll please)


Yes.  Original.

On the pants above, I conducted my first experiment using bleach.  Oh, and Stain Lifting ALL.  Here are the results:

As you can see, unimpressive.  It appears that the Cheeto stains and the grass stains are gone.  But the dirt refuses to be lifted.  So it’s back to the drawing board. 

Next experiment: OxyClean.

There are only several more games left, so I am limited on the amount of dirt I’ll be removing.  Leave a comment for any ideas on stain lifting agents you’d like me to try out. 


One thought on “THE GREAT STAIN REMOVAL CHALLENGE: Dirt vs. Bleach

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  1. I just started using this new product called Out which has really been working for me so far. I’ve started a challege to see how many stains it can get out. It only comes in a small tube, but its really powerful so you only need a little each time. Here’s the link to my clip Let me know how it goes, if you try it out yourself. Look forward to following up on your Great Stain Challenge. Good luck!

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