Kids, Parents, and the TV Battle

Father of Three wrote me: “My wife and I are in our 30’s and did not have TV in our rooms as kids. But we have spoiled our kids by letting them have TVs in their rooms. But now they want to stay up on school nights watching their shows on the DVR. I try to turn off the TV but that is met with heavy resistance. So when I turn off the TV the battle is on. The best solution I’ve come up with is putting it on the weather channel. I know everyone’s first response will be to take the TV away, but we want them to have their space during their TV time since one wants Spongebob the next wants iCarly and the other wants XGames. So any ideas would be helpful.”

So how about it? How would you handle the situation?


2 thoughts on “Kids, Parents, and the TV Battle

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  1. Give them two choices … 1) turn the tv off when I say it’s time or 2) lose ALL tv priviledges for a week. Tell them it’s their choice, but they must choose one or the other.

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