March Challenge: Spring Forward with Change

The month of March is not just the third month of the year. It’s the month when spring comes, when everything wakes up from its wintery slumber and the world feels brand new once again. The sun starts shining on grass that magically turns green, the air is fresh and clean, everything is reborn.

March is also a great time for changes in your life, or perhaps to give something up for awhile. One mom I know decided that this would be the perfect month to attempt the 30 Day Shred. Another is giving up all meat products and by products and becoming vegan for the month. Another mom is giving up all things Monsanto (read more about what this is, and why she will be giving it up by clicking HERE).  Me? Well I can’t say…specifically. But it was the hardest thing I could think of to give up for 31 days. And I am still waiting on Mr. W’s approval, since it affects him too…*

So how about you? Will you join me and other moms in this challenge?   In this month of spring, what will you be changing or ridding yourself of?  Maybe this is the month that you give up that glass of wine in the evenings.  Or maybe coffee is the vice that you omit for 31 days.  Maybe you’ll decide to spend 31 days doing something outdoors, or reorganzing things indoors.  Maybe it’s a good month to practice not raising your voice – at all, or letting bad words slip in.  Maybe you’ll choose to give up shopping, or maybe TV.  There are so many vices that we can give up for one month.  Remember, it’s only 31 days. And as soon as April comes, you can take it back up again. Leave a comment here, or join us over in our Santa Rosa Mom forum discussion, telling us about your Springing Forward step. And don’t forget to share how things are going during the month!

*Oh, did you think I meant…ahem…? Get your mind out of the gutter! Mr. W and I are giving up Facebook! I’ll still be posting quick links over on our Facebook Fan page.   But it will be post a link, then leave.  No checking my personal Facebook email, no seeing what kind of comments my page has elicited, no Facestalking my friends…  With as much as I’m online, this is a biggie…  Just in case, I’ve bought the 30 Day Shred and will attempt to kill myself with exercise should the Facebook thing proves to be too torturous. 


4 thoughts on “March Challenge: Spring Forward with Change

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  1. I’m giving up Peanut Butter. I’d give up more, but you’ve seen my diet plan. It was my cheat food 😦

  2. Peanut butter. I keep trying to give that up. It’s almost as impossible as giving up chocolate. Every time I tell myself I’m giving up peanut butter, I immediately grab a spoon and dig into the jar. No joke. So I’m going to try and give up giving up peanut butter.

  3. Do you think my teachers would understand if I gave up homework for the month? No?
    Okay, since the big one’s coming up this month, how about I give up maturity? May I do that?

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