Easter Photo Blog

Here are a few of the photos from our Easter.  Be sure to check out the Photo Albums at SantaRosaMom.com for more Easter photos, or add your own if you haven’t done so already!

Before coloring eggs, we had the kids help out with filling Easter eggs for the younger kids to be able to find in an Easter Egg hunt in the living room (thanks, rain).  Afterwards, we filled special eggs for the grown-ups, prized for our first annual family trivia night where the adults would compete for the most eggs that held chocolate and dollar coins.  The questions that were asked had to do with family history, current events, pop culture, and other random trivia. 

Then it was on to coloring eggs!  We decided to skip using crayons to make markings on the eggs this year, as we were more interested in making eggs interesting colors.  We just used regular food coloring since I believe it works way better than egg dyeing kits.  I did find, however, that the neon dyes didn’t seem to work as well as the regular color food dyes.  But they still made pretty colors.

Ok, you guys did see the spoons that I had provided in one of the previous photos, right?  Why, then, did my kids insist on using their fingers???  Their fingers are still colored…

There we go.  That’s what spoons are for.

One very pretty egg, and a very colorful hand.

Our masterpieces.

(More of our Easter photos are available at SantaRosaMom.com.)

How was your Easter?


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  1. I just wanted to comment on how gorgeous these photos are. I know I posted a couple comments on your FB, but just, overall, you are getting stellar use out of the new camera. Wonderful shots.

  2. Thanks! I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am with this new camera! I’m still a beginner with the shots, and there is so much to learn about the bells and whistles of this new toy, but it has been proven that even a novice photographer like me can still take decent shots.

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