Halloween Events 2010

Zombies at Copperfield's Zombie Walk 2009

Ready to get spooked, or just looking for some family friendly fun? The week leading up to Halloween offers some of the coolest, creepiest things events to help you get into the Halloween spirit next weekend. Here are a few Halloween happenings you won’t want to miss out on….

Copperfield’s Zombie Walks
You’ll want to leave your brains at home for this event.  Copperfield’s is hosting two zombie walks this weekend in Petaluma and Sebastopol.  Wear the clothes of the living dead and join your fellow undead as you walk through downtown in foot dragging fashion.  In Petaluma, meet on Saturday at 11:30am on the sidewalk in Walnut Park.  In Sebastopol, meet on Sunday at 11:30am on the sidewalk at Ives Park.  Both walks end up at the town’s local Copperfield’s for a fully undead Zombie Party.  Party snacks may or may not involve brains…
Saturday October 23th, meet at 11:30am at Walnut Park in Petaluma
Sunday October 24th, meet at 11:30am at Ives Park in Sebastopol

Get mutilated by the Red Cross
Gashes, bruises, broken bones, poked-out eyeballs… No, the Red Cross isn’t trying to hurt you. But they will give you some realistic bumps and bruises of varying degrees with their Halloween moulage going on the holiday weekend. Professional make-up artists will be on hand to apply wounds of all types to ensure your costume is full of gory injuries. Naturally, this is not for small children, or for the weak-stomached. The organization is asking for a donation of $10-$25 per wound to help contribute towards their services of helping people in our community with life’s emergencies and disasters.
Santa Rosa Plaza, Center Court 2
Saturday October 30th, 2pm – 8pm
Sunday October 31st

Petaluma Mother’s Club Fall Carnival
These moms have concocted some fun for kids up to 5 years old, and their older siblings. There will be a petting zoo, a jumpy house, a “museum-on-the-go”, a bake sale, music, games and more! Don’t forget to wear your costume and enter the costume contest! Admission is free. Booth participation, food and drinks will be available with tickets purchased (cash only) at the event.
Kenilworth Jr. High
800 Riesling Road, Petaluma
Sunday October 24th, 11am – 2:30pm

Halloween Carnival at Chop’s
The teens, partnered with adults, are putting on a carnival geared towards kids toddler through 6th grade. There will be a cake walk, carnival booths, a jumpy house, and plenty of sweets to trick-or-treat for throughout the building. Admission is $4 per person, and 25 cents for each carnival ticket. Secret hint: all of the teens and adults that are leading the carnival will be dressed as different superheroes. Have some fun guessing which superhero they are!
509 Adams St, Santa Rosa
Saturday October 30th, 5pm – 8pm

Jose Ramon Ave in Santa Rosa
This is the place to visit for some spooky fun in the weeks leading up to Halloween. This year’s theme is Wicked West Ghost Town, and the house has been transformed into something out of the 1800’s. With the walk of terror, several insane characters, and of course, Rosa Witch, the bar on the creepy factor has been raised with this free nightly event. Of course, those with little one may want to bypass the house and visit some of their less scary neighbors.
472 Jose Ramon Ave. Santa Rosa
6:30p to 12:00a, now till Halloween night.

Doc Hunter’s Haunted Houses
Not for the faint of heart, Doc Hunter has done it again with two haunted houses sure to scare you to death. The Blind Scream haunted house will have your blood pumping as you walk through the dark, screaming to escape. And Doc’s Horrortorium haunted house will enter you into the skin-crawling world of the Hunters and their Sideshow of Terror. While you’re there, climb into an actual coffin on The Last Ride and find out what it’s like to be buried alive.
Order your tickets online at http://blindscream-efbevent.eventbrite.com/
Two more weekend left: Oct 20-24 and 26-31.
Located at the Manly Honda Superstore
2770 Corby Avenue, Santa Rosa

The event we’ll miss this year…

Slaughterhouse Haunts, the scare-you-out-of-your-pants haunted house, as well as the Petaluma home of some less scary events for the little ones, will not be operating this year. They just welcomed a new baby gremlin, and we wish them all the best! And we’re excited to see what’s in store next year when they commence the screamfest once again. Congratulations on the newest haunter of your family!


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