10 holiday toys topping your kids’ lists

While still popular, Zhu Zhus have been pushed out of the running for the #1 toy that is topping your child’s wish list.  So which toy has taken its place?  A farting dump truck.  But never fear, annoying adorable tiny animals still make the list – several times.  Read on for more hints on the toys that kids are asking for this year.

Stinky the Garbage Truck: This one has become the #1 “IT” toy of the season, as many of you parents already know. It reacts to sound and light, has over 100 phrases, an addiction for small cars and garbage, and a stinky habit of breaking wind. Of course he’s a hit with the toddlers. $49.99 +/-

Sing-A-Ma-Jigs: One Sing-a-ma-Jig, and you have a joyful noise. Add another, and you have a melodic duet. Add a couple more, and you have a chorus of Sing-a’s who will harmonize with each other in perfect pitch. (Want some fun? Sing-a-ma-jig yourself with the Facebook app for some musical fun). $9.49 +/-

Justin Bieber Singing Doll:  I’m so sorry parents. He is not going away. And it’s only fitting that the latest heart-throb of tweens and toddlers is now a doll. Well, not yet, but he will be hitting stores come December 1st. And if you have a kid who’s been Bieberized, you better go pre-order the Biebs (like at Amazon.com) before the doll is sold out and you have a hysterical, broken-hearted Bieb-fan to contend with. $53.15 +/-

Squinkies Surprise Bake Shop: 9 little, tiny squinkie animals, and a super sweet bake shop disguised as a cupcake – plus all the furnishings for them to kick back on as they chat about this sweet little world they got going on here. Yup, sign me up. $19.99 +/-

FurReal Friends Frenzies: Like Zhu Zhu, but so not. First off, the animals aren’t hamsters (though I admit, they really do look somewhat like hamsters). And they zoom around their play yard at giggle inducing speeds. Kids will love the zippiness of the non-hamsters. Parents will love that they remain in the play yard and not under their feet on the floor. It’s win-win. $26.49 +/-

Hot Wheels R/C Stealth Rides: These hot rides are a little smaller than the palm of your hand. But once you’re done playing with it, they flatten to fit into a case that can slide into your pocket (get it? It’s pretty stealth…). Not only that, but the case actually acts as the remote control. $36.99 +/-

Disney Princess & Me: Disney might be offing the princess, but that doesn’t mean the princess has left the store shelves. And judging by the continued popularity, little girls will be asking for this on their holiday list. In characters like Belle, Ariel, Cinderella and more, plus cheaper than the American Girl Doll, you can buy your child their favorite princess and know that it will be a favorite gift. $49.99 +/-

Calico Critters Country Cottage Playset: When I was younger, these cute little animals were called Sylvanian Families. Now they’re considered Calico Critters, but hold the same preciousness they did back then. There are multiple types of animal families (bears, rabbits, even mice), and this little cottage has a ton of adorable add-ons (sold separately) to create even more tiny gifts for your munchkin to squeal over. $49.99 +/-

Iron Man Walking R/C Robot: Shoot missiles at sis, chase the cat across the dining room floor, and intimidate opponents through flashing lights and mighty phrases. Have an Iron Man fan in the house? Then this one is a must-have gift. $40.78 +/-

Loopz: The dance game that will get your whole family up and groovin’ to the music. Through flashing lights and music, Loopz tests how hot your rhythm is with seven different challenging games that can be played with one to four players. Plus, it makes for an awesome light show in your living room. $43.99 +/-

Check out some of our favorite toy stores in the area:

The Toy Shop – 201 W Napa St Ste 1, Sonoma
A Child’s Dream – 1037 Santa Rosa Plz, Santa Rosa
Toyworks – various locations in Santa Rosa and Sebastopol, including 2724 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa
HobbyTown Petaluma – 171 N Mcdowell Blvd, Petaluma
Kaleidoscope Toys – 9078 Windsor Rd, Windsor and 2421 Magowan Dr, Santa Rosa
Toys R Us – 2705 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa
Toys West – 151 Petaluma Blvd S Ste 105, Petaluma
K B Toy Outlet – 2200 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma

What toys are your kids asking for this year?


2 thoughts on “10 holiday toys topping your kids’ lists

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  1. Nice list. I love the Sing-a-Ma-Jigs (ok, I’m a big kid), and I have noticed that the Loopz game seems to be pretty popular with families who tend to purchase games as gifts. I still think that the Zhu Zhu pets will make a solid showing this year as well.

  2. I’m after the Dance Star Mickey. My son loves Mickey, and this toy is so cute! Toys R Us is sold out right now. The boy running the register (probably about 18) wanted to know why this toy is so popular. Of course he then admitted that he played with it when they first came into the store. 🙂

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