Holiday Newsletters

Many families reserve the holidays as a time to send out a mass update on what’s going on with their family throughout the year. Sometimes they are full of all the accomplishments each person in their family has fulfilled throughout the year. Other times they are a chance to let those far away know of some of the hardships the family has been conquering. It’s a chance to include photos so everyone can see how much the kids have grown (and the parents too – sideways). It’s an opportunity to brag about all those great things going on, to ask for thoughts and well wishes regarding hard times, and to wish others well during the holiday season.

Personally, I love holiday letters. It doesn’t matter if they are cheesy, or overly full of crowing, or stock full of photos from birth to present time. I love them because they are a small gift from someone who thought well enough of me to send me news about their family. One of my friends sends out a holiday letter every year that tops the list of all letters I receive – a letter telling about what she has learned throughout the year in such a thoughtful and meaningful way, giving things to think about as we enter a new year. Others I look forward to are the ones with young children who grow like weeds throughout the year, photos given to me that I stash away with all my Christmas card of years passed.

This year I want to send out my own holiday letter, something I have not made a regular practice. Sure, a lot of my family’s life is placed in this here blog. But there is so much that I keep out that I would love to share with family and friends. And there is something so personal about receiving a card with some family news and a photo, I’d love to take part in this tradition.

And I want to swap with you.

Are you writing a holiday letter this year? If so, I’d love to receive it. You can send it to me at:

Crissi Dillon
c/o Santa Rosa Mom
427 Mendocino Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

And if you would like to receive our family’s holiday letter and photo, email me at and include an address I can send it to. If I am allowed to use parts of your letter in a future blog article, please let me know, as well. I will not print anything without permission, and I am not utilizing any address information for any reason other than sending a holiday newsletter.

This is not a contest, this is just a friendly exchange of holiday family news.

Do you love receiving holiday newsletters? What’s your favorite parts? How about the funniest, or most irritating?  What are your suggested do’s and dont’s for people who want to write a letter this year?


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