The art of letters

There is something so personal about a handwritten note. It is a note meant just for YOU, written by someone who was thinking of you in those moments they took to scrawl out sprawling cursive on a card. And let’s face it, there is still something special about receiving something in the mail that isn’t a bill or a piece of junk mail. A handwritten note is a gift in itself, an inexpensive way to show someone you care, sometimes more valuable than any gift could be.

The art of note writing tends to get lost with the convenience of email or a simple text message. But thing is, it’s a very powerful tool for making a statement and being remembered, as well as giving that much more meaning to what you are trying to convey. Did a friend’s relative just pass away? Sometimes it is so hard to know what to say. But a personal note telling them that you’re thinking of them goes a long way. Did someone you know just get a promotion or an award, or graduate from college? Congratulate them with a letter of good wishes and praise. Just receive a special gift (such as any red and green packages in this festive holiday season…)? Be sure to thank those who thought enough of you by writing out a card with words of gratitude. And not only is a handwritten note appreciated by your friends or family, it is a MUST for professional reasons. Just had a job interview? Write out a card of thanks and mail it to your interviewer, thanking them for their time and the opportunity to talk with them, ensuring them that you will be in touch soon. Not only will your interviewer appreciate it, it will also ensure that they remember you in the days after your meeting – helping you to stand out in a long line of applicants.

I know, I know…. Who has the time to write out all these cards or letters – especially when an eCard is so much faster to send out to multiple recipients? Thing is, a note does not have to be long. Even the shortest of letters – 1 to 2 sentences – can mean the world to someone who wasn’t expecting it. Send out your favorite quote. Or tell them a sweet image you saw that day that reminded you of them. Who knows? With your renewed habit of sending out notes or thoughts to your friends, perhaps you too will start to receive special gifts of handwritten letters in your own mailbox.

Here are some of my favorites for writing notes on:

Jack and Lulu Stationery
Who couldn’t resist a note written on these adorable cards? Simplicity sometimes says the most, and that’s definitely true of these cards. With a single embossment of either a pineapple, cricket or starfish over a bright solid color, this card allows your words to be the main attraction while merely flourishing them.
$17.95 for 10 (each design) at Barnes & Noble

Vines Thank You notecards
Coral colored vines frame the words “Thank You” in this simple card of thanks. The inside is left blank top give you ample room for your sentiments, and the envelope is a corresponding color of coral.
$14 for 10 at Papyrus

Krieshok Designs
These sweet cards were found on, a screen print on paper of darling owls for sending out your declarations. You’ll want to also check out the Petaluma handcrafter’s other creative wares, like their other card choices and beautiful wrapping paper.
$12 for 5 cards at KrieshokDesign’s Etsy shop

Message in a Bottle
Or for a truly unique note that will never be forgotten, send this charming card, or rather, message in a bottle. Know of someone who needs a little pick-me-up? This precious card will surely bring a smile where one is needed. This was also found on from an artist who hails from Sebastopol.
14.95 for one card/bottle at minimessageinabottle’s Etsy shop

Other favorites for stationery needs:

The 4th Street store in Santa Rosa is known for having a wide array of gifts to buy, but they are famous for their stationery.  There is just too many beautiful choices to highlight just one.  Located at 637 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa

Sincerely Yours
A gorgeous selection of notecards, stationery, and any other type of paper that gives your letter a feel of a piece of art.  Located in Montgomery Village at 2324 Magowan Drive, Santa Rosa

Create your own…
Riley Street Art Supplies has a vast variety of colored and textured papers to either use on their own as notepaper, or to craft an embellished card out of and send as a creative gesture of thanks.  Here’s just one idea over at for making your own cards for the holidays:  CLICK HERE  Prices vary at Riley Street (103 Maxwell Ct, Santa Rosa)


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