recap 7/28

This photo won the Press Democrat's Favorite Fair Photo contest! Check out more at

Happy Thursday! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week, so far! Can you believe summertime is almost over? Say it ain’t so! I know I’m not ready for it to end, how about you? As you get in your last kicks for summer vacation, head on over to to see what’s brewing over in the forums. Here’s a sneak peek:

Sonoma County Fair
The Grave Pavilion, Demolition Derby, fair food, rides, 4-H and FFA showmanship, or betting at the horse races? Anyone going to the Sonoma County Fair? Share your favorite part!

By the way, you’ll love the photos sent in for the Press Democrat’s recent Favorite Fair Photo contest. The winner was one of my personal favorites. Check them out at

Get your hands off my baby!
A friend of mine was appalled when a stranger reached over and starting touching her baby without asking. And as shocking as it is that someone would feel it’s ok to touch another person’s child, this isn’t a rare event. How would you react if someone you didn’t know put their hands on your baby?

Teen fashions for moms
A poll revealed that many moms are influenced by their teen daughters’ fashions when it comes to their own style of clothing. Having “borrowed” items from my daughter now and again (seriously, when they reach your size you suddenly have double the wardrobe, right?), I am raising my hand as guilty here. Would you say the same about your own style?

Sibling Rivalry, Sibling Bond
My kids have been at each other’s throats the past several months since being cooped up together all summer long. For one week, however, they got a break from one another. And now they’re the best of friends? Weird. Read about it in my blog.

Babysitter wanted
One of our moms is new to Santa Rosa and is looking for a babysitter. Can anyone recommend their services, or know of any services she can turn to for her children? Thank you!

By the way, I’ll be on vacation all next week. Please feel free to visit the boards and talk amongst yourselves while I’m gone. Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you on the forums!

Crissi Dillon

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