Recap: A day to remember

Photo of the Week: Miles, born on the 4th of July, and a fitting photo as we celebrate America. Photo Credit: Suzanne Karp Photography

Welcome to a new week of! Here’s a bit of what’s been going on this week over on the boards:

New mom
I want to extend a huge welcome to one of our newest members who’s moved here from Washington DC. Folks, say hello to Callie! She comes here with her husband and their 6 kids (including infant triplets!), and is just getting to know Santa Rosa. Come on over and say hi!

September 11, 2001
It’s hard to believe it’s already been 10 years since America was changed forever. For me, I was scared for my parents vacationing in New York, and wondered if the whole country was under attack. What was that day like for you?

T-shirt gives girls “wrong message”
Irate shoppers forced JC Penney’s to pull an offensive shirt from their stores that gave girls the wrong message. Perhaps they’ve missed out on seeing all the other “offensive” shirts out there. I have my opinion on this shirt ban, what’s yours?

Toddler & Tiara’s prostitute toddler
A mom dressed her toddler daughter as Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman in a pageant on the show Toddlers & Tiaras. Yes, that includes dressing her as a prostitute. Shocking? Or no worse than the rest of the show?

Making Lunches Fun
Sandwich, check. Fruit, check. Snack, check. Boring lunch, check. Have any suggestions for making school lunches more interesting? Share them with us!

Post-partum exercise
Jessica Alba started her exercise regimen only 2 weeks post-partum….giving the rest of us moms a bad name. When did you start exercising?

Just Between Friends Sale
This weekend is the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale! Starting today until Sunday, consigned items will be on sale in the Hall of Flowers at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. You’ll also have the opportunity to check out information for your family from the numerous booths on display, including a seminar on Taming the Clutter Monsters by Grace Brook on Friday. Don’t miss out on the Sales Event of the season!

Other Family Events
This weekend holds several events for families to choose from. On Friday, Sept 9, Whole Foods at Coddingtown will be serving Root Beer Floats to raise funds for School Gardens. Look for a surprise performance at 6:30!  On Saturday, Sept 10th is the 3rd annual Chili ‘n Wheels – Rohnert Park’s big chili cookoff and car show. Lots of fun games and activities for the whole family, plus a chance to win 49ers tickets. Did I mention the chili was free? For more events, be sure to check out our Events Calendar at!

As we embark on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I extend a wish of love and unity to each of you. One of the most awesome things that came out of this tragic event was the way our country banded together. May we remember that brotherhood this weekend, and strive to be that close with those who share this country with us.

Have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you on the forums!

Crissi Dillon


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