Event: How to Save a Life (in honor of Buddy Rowe)

There are a lot of events going on this weekend, and I urge you to visit our Events Calendar to see them. But today I am dedicating my events newsletter to one very important event happening this Sunday.

Christopher "Buddy" Rowe - February 22, 2007 to August 19, 2011

It was two weeks after Judi Seargeant-Holmes moved from San Diego to Santa Rosa when she came across a tragic event. She was taking her daughter to soccer practice on August 18th when she saw people running to the street and carrying an injured person. As a Physician Assistant, she ran to offer her help. That’s when she saw Michelle Rowe laying her 4 year old son, Christopher “Buddy” Rowe on the grass after he had been hit by a car who had blown through the crosswalk. Judi identified herself as a PA and stabilized Buddy’s neck while monitoring his breathing. She could tell he was in really bad shape.

While there, Judi became aware of another concern beyond the hit and run accident that had just occurred. Of the 50+ people surrounding the scene, no one came forward to offer their medical skills. It became clear that no one there had any. Judi walked away from this tragedy with a new purpose to fulfill. She talked with “The Healthsource”, a local company, who agreed to donate instructors, equipment, and time for a free or low cost Adult/Child CPR course at Lincoln Elementary School – the school were the tragedy occurred.

On Sunday, September 25th from 1pm – 4pm, The Healthsource will be offering this free/low-cost instructional course. Any money given will be going towards the “Christopher Rowe Memorial Fund”, and they are suggesting $5 donations towards the cause. There will be free childcare, and the event is bilingual.

For registration, call The HealthSource at (707) 546-4656
For registration for free childcare call (707) 522-3210
Event limited to 50 people.

Just think – if you were in a situation where your life was at stake, wouldn’t you want someone there who could save it? Come to this event at Lincoln Elementary (850 W 9th St, Santa Rosa) this Sunday at 1pm. It just might make you someone’s hero.

Thank you.

Crissi Dillon


3 thoughts on “Event: How to Save a Life (in honor of Buddy Rowe)

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  1. What a great idea Judi Seargeant-Holmes had to create an opportunity for CPR education out of this tragic event. I commend her for her effort to save little Buddy Rowe and her willingness to step up when no one else would. CPR is such an important life-saving skill.

    My husband attended the Healthsource CPR training event at Lincoln Elementary yesterday and walked away with knowledge and skill. He is a SAHD and now knows what to do in an emergency. I thank Judi Seargeant-Holmes, Healthsource and instructor Michelle. I hope we never have to use CPR, but feel confident now that we both know how.

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