Thanksgiving foods, traditions, tips, and tricks

One of my friends was telling me about a trick he learned regarding turkey baking and the repeated task of braising it. He takes a pound of bacon and lays each strip across the turkey, allowing the bacon to do that basting for him. In the last hour, he removes the bacon, allowing the skin to get nice and crisp while the whole bird remains moist and delicious.

Another friend mentioned how one staple on her Thanksgiving table is a side of green beans and a chocolate pecan pie for dessert.

In my Italian family, Grandma’s raviolis are a staple. In fact, they are preferred even over the turkey. It looks like reporter Robert Digitale’s family feels the same way over raviolis, judging by today’s recycled story in his blog.

But this year I’ll be missing the raviolis in favor of a new traditional Thanksgiving at my soon-to-be in-laws’ house. Every year they hold an “Orphan Thanksgiving”, inviting all their friends and neighbors that have no traditional family gathering to instead bring a homemade dish and share in their feast. Each shared dish is celebrated, listed on a beautifully crafted menu that hangs on the wall, and then announced one by one. My mouth still salivates over the curried pumpkin soup one of the ladies brought in recent years.

How about you?  Any tips – from bird baking to fluffy mashed potatoes? Any not-so-traditional dishes making it to your table this year, or heartwarming ways you celebrate your blessings?

What are some of your own tips, tricks, and traditions for Thanksgiving dinner?


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  1. I made homemade cranberry sauce this year and it was delicious and super easy. Way better than any store-bought sauce I’ve ever had. I don’t even like cranberry sauce, but my husband loves it so I made a recipe I found online and I’m now a believer. This is will be a staple from now on.

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