Martha Stewart, sports for kids, and more

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Local shop Bella Ariana was featured on Martha Stewart's website this week (photo by Jessica Remmele Photo Design)

Bella Ariana featured on Martha Stewart’s website!
That’s right, our local designer of toddler-wear, Francis Farmer-Cheda, had her smiling face on Martha Stewarts list of Dreamers of the Week. If you have a toddler, you’ll definitely want to check out Bella Ariana’s sweet tutus.

Ectopic Pregnancy
One of our moms on the forums suffered an ectopic pregnancy this week. She’s looking for advice or even another mom to share their experience with her as she recovers from this loss.

Sports for kids
Another mom is hoping for ideas regarding sports for her 4 year old. There’s already been several great replies to this subject! If you have an idea to share, or are looking for something for your own young child, you’ll definitely want to check out this post.

Teenage mortification
I recently found that it doesn’t take much to embarrass my child. A lot of moms (and dads!) could relate. Read up on my article of several Sonoma County families and their experience with teens.

Child Obesity
Another battle I’m experiencing has to do with my 10 year old and his weight. Knowing I’m not alone in this battle, I’m sharing what’s working for us, as well as my tip for a great book that’s helped to jumpstart our plan.

Events this weekend:

My Gym Anniversary Open House
Friday Jan 13, 4-7pm
Celebrating 8 years, My Gym is holding a fantastic party this Friday with playtime, games, gymnastics, face painting, and more – FOR FREE! There will be plenty of opportunities for savings and discounts on parties and enrollments, and there will definitely be fun for the whole family.
My Gym Santa Rosa (3267 Airway Drive)

Have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you on the forums!

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