How to have a Zombie Wedding

Saturday’s wedding expo at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts is sure to hold a ton of booths and ideas on how to create the most perfect wedding. And with the fashion shows, beauty consultations, prizes and ideas being passed around, we’re sure that lucky in love brides and grooms will have all their wedding needs taken care of. All but one. While we don’t negate they’ve thought of just about everything to create the most beautiful wedding, we do believe they’ve missed a vital area of planning…

How to have a ZOMBIE wedding…..or survive one. Read on.

1. Dress the part

It’s a known fact that zombies don’t like eating other zombies, so best bet is to blend in. This is actually the third wedding ceremony for Russian couple Vitalich and Jirka, a couple who have divorced each other only to be able to marry each other again. Odd story, cool pics. Check it out, and the numerous zombie photos that go with it at

2. Have your cake and eat it too.
Ok, you might not want to eat a wedding cake that looks this….fresh. But your zombie guests might. They’ll be too busy munching on this beautiful braintacular sugarfest that they won’t even notice you rushing through the nuptials and then hightailing it out of the church. This little goodie was created by Katie Karcher, the owner and chef of Illinois bistro Seasoning on the Square, and apparently a very talented baker as well.

3. Top that cake
Till death do us part might be a little sooner than he thinks….. Find this cake topper and more at Etsy shop ZombiesbyZombiatch.

4. Play dead
You might think this lovely couple is merely planking, but they are actually demonstrating a unique defense tactic should a zombie attack occur – playing dead. Of course, zombies are hungrier than they are dumb. If you smell fresh, this move may not work. We recommend skipping your showers at least three weeks before your wedding day. This photo (gathered from can be found with a ton more wedding planks zombie defense moves at

5. Survive the engagement photo attack
Juliana and Ben were only trying to create a beautiful scenario when lo and behold, a zombie came out of nowhere and tried to attack them! Lucky for them, they stood a fighting chance. To see the whole story for yourself, check out the photos at

6. Come in style
Already bitten, and still looking to tie the knot? Make your way down the aisle in your very own casket, perfect for the living dead. When you’re done, you and your hubby can feast on the guests. Zombified Thea “Munster” and Adam “Invader” shared real life death vows at last year’s Zombie Walk in Toronto. The spooky photos and eery story of their nuptials can be found at

7. Register smart
Forget the fancy china and expensive silverware. And do you really need that 10-speed blender when there are monsters out there clamoring for your brain? Nix the department stores and register for something a bit more practical – Zombie Tools: Accessories for the Apocalypse. From knives to machetes to reapers, you’ll be set to slice your way through a sea of zombies on the best day of your life.

8. Invitations

You might as well let the guest know what they’re in for. A young couple asked artist Manueal Mogrado to create this unique invitation. Check out more of his art, zombified and not, at

9. Take a Zombie Honeymoon
It’s all fair in love and war until someone gets bit by a zombie and starts eating all your friends. The 2004 romantic indie film “Zombie Honeymoon” will help you know what to do when you struggle with the love you feel for your not-quite-dead husband and the hope he doesn’t eat your brain.

10. Trash the dress

The wedding is done, the guests have all gone home, and your still finding sand in weird places after the honeymoon. One more photo session and BAM! Zombies! This bride and groom saved their zombie apocalypse for a Trash the Dress Session. See the whole saga unfold at


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