Fighting the dumb fight

There’s a moment in between the biggest fight of our life week and the time when we’ll make up when it’s realized I may have been insane.  This is the only explanation as to why I chose to purposely make up my bed on the couch to avoid sleeping with someone who got mad because somebody talked during his movie.

I do believe this is not only our biggest fight of the week, but the stupidest fight of our week life.  But what am I supposed to do when the movie was so dumb?

The movie had 20 minutes left and the main character and his lady love interest were about to get it on, something that had been inevitable from the very beginning.  And just as they were, something interrupted their moment of passion.  At this same time, I noticed some kind of shrubbery thingy on a sock I was folding.  Because I care about the fact that Mr. W just spent all morning cleaning the living room, I stood to place the shrub in a bowl on the far end of the table instead of on the floor.  In the process, my ass may have gotten in the way of the TV.  But since I had just worked out, one would assume that Mr. W would much rather see my ass then whatever was interrupting the inevitable love making.

Nope.  Wrong.  It appears that Mr. W hates my ass.

10 minutes later, and the main group of guys in the movie sat around and began to talk about what their next plan of action was.  I was suddenly reminded about how boring the movie was, which also reminded me that Taz and I had to wake up early the next morning for his baseball game.  So I took this moment of boring talking that was going on to remind Taz to set his alarm, at which we got into a debate over what that time should be.  Seems that Mr. W was into foiling our plans of waking up on time and insisted we cease our conversation so he could hear the boring parts.

Fine.  Whatever.  We’ll just wake up late Mr. W.

The clincher, however, was in our conversation after the movie when we both argued about who talks the most during films, how one of us wasn’t sorry enough, and the other was mad that the other was mad.

Are you following?

Neither am I.

All I know is that I am sitting on a couch with a computer in my lap while he is probably lying wide awake in our comfortable bed all because both of us have been guilty at one point or another of talking during a movie.



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  1. Ah, marriage. Lovely in it’s insanity. I also hate any distractions while watching a film (or reading), I would rather be lost in it for a little while (even when boring) than deal with practical matters. My husband gabs away when I wish to be left alone in my reverie for awhile. Annoying, but we have never fought about it. Get back into bed. lol

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