Honeymoon in Costa Rica, Day 7 (last day)

Ending our honeymoon adventure with my favorite Costa Rican breakfast. 🙂

This is our final honeymoon post, the last day of our Costa Rican adventure.  Is anyone still reading?  This was such a fun way to keep track of our whole vacation, making sure it was a lasting memory with photos and stories that we can look at for years to come.  Thank you so much for taking the journey with us through this blog!

Just getting here?  Start with Day 1 of our Honeymoon adventure.  To see all our Honeymoon stories, CLICK HERE.

Oct 21

There is a higher purpose to taking a honeymoon right after getting married. It’s more than just a vacation to a pretty place. Costa Rica has been more than beautiful, but the sands and gorgeous sunsets, fruity drinks and wildlife hiding in trees all served as merely a backdrop to the bigger reason as to why we were here.

To start our new life together.

I know, that seems obvious in a statement like that. But there’s more. All week long we’ve been able to practice saying husband and wife, or esposo o esposa, to people who don’t expect any different. Our minds are clear instead of muddied by parenthood, our jobs, or other distractions we place between us on a daily basis. We grudgingly took a break from social media and discovered it was the best thing we could have done. We slept better, enjoyed each other’s company, and fell deeper in love.

Today we leave for home in a day filled entirely with travel. I look forward to the end of this journey, when we get to collapse in bed and see our kids in the morning, and learn what it’s like to be married in our hometown. I’ve never felt so alive, my mind so free. And I don’t want to lose this. Shawn and I made a vow to use our phones less, focus less on other people’s Facebook lives, and put a bigger focus on what’s important. I’m anxious to take this new clarity and apply it to my writing as well, taking advantage of my unmuddied mind. The possibilities for our future are endless, and achievable as long as we keep working as a team and keep the barriers at bay.

It’s still early as I write this. Most of the hotel is still asleep, including my husband. I am soaking in one last morning of birds singing in the trees and echoing through the air, the intermittent rain rippling the pool and sitting the sidewalks, the moist and warm air, the ocean in the near distance, and Spanish words bouncing off the lobby walls, ping ponging off the floor, and diving head first into my ears to create nonsensical poems in my head that make perfect sense now, but will be gibberish once I’m no longer surrounded by this beautiful language. My broken Spanglish with wrong words and mixed up pronouns has gotten pretty good. It will be strange not to answer a question with Si or Muchas Gracias or Mas Cafe Por Favor.

The words I’m looking forward to saying?

“Have you met my husband?”

“Let me check with my husband.”

“Hello, I’m Mrs. Langwell…”

It’s been a wonderful trip. I love my husband more than ever. I love that we’re a team in this. Last night before bed, we stood in our darkened room and just held each other, sharing an intimate kiss before nuzzling into each others necks. I am his. He is mine. We are in this together. And I can’t believe how lucky I am that our lives led us to each other to form such a perfect pairing.

Pura vida.

P.S.  On this day I took a bunch of photos of the locals.  Here are the people of Costa Rica, their homes, and everything else we saw as we headed out of town, towards the airport, and on our way home.


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    1. I’m so thrilled you were even reading my long-winded posts! It’s true, I’ll be posting less now that we’re on the brink of November and I’ll be elbow deep in writing a 50,000 word novel for NaNoWriMo. But I’ll try to throw a blog post in here now and then. Thank you for being one of the faithfuls checking out all the honeymoon posts and photos! xo

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