Happy Mother's Day!

Let’s hear it for moms. They are the ones who wipe runny noses without getting grossed out, pick a pacifier off the ground and sanitize it with their own mouths, and stroke the back of their little one for as long as it is needed while their child throws their guts up in the toilet. They are the ones who are driving from point A to point B to point C to point D, and then back to point B because the munchkin left his favorite toy dog there. They are the ones who will answer the question “Why?” a hundred times a day only to come back to the very first answer that was given in the first place. They are the ones signing permission slips for field trips, helping their child with homework they haven’t known how to do in 20 years, and collecting materials for the report on leaves that is due, oh, tomorrow. They are also the ones that drive that same report to school when their child inevitably forgets it on the kitchen table. They make the doctor’s and dentist’s appointments, they sit through parent/teacher conferences, they sign the kids up for baseball, they volunteer to help in the classroom, and they watch the neighborhood kids when their house becomes the local hangout spot. They nurse fevers, skinned knees, broken arms, paper cuts, bumped heads, and broken hearts. They worry if their newborn is still breathing at night. They worry if their college student is eating enough. They do all the laundry only to find that the basket is full again. They cook dinner only to find their kids have decided to become picky eaters. They feel guilt over any mistake they have made with their child – long after their child has forgotten all about it. They feel guilt over not being the perfect mother in the eyes of all other mothers. They feel guilt over letting their child stay up too late, making them go to bed too early, feeding them too much food, not feeding them enough food, making them do too many chores, not giving them enough chores to do… They love their child unconditionally even when their little one cries from colic for 6 hours straight, or their teenager slams the door after professing their hate.

Do moms have bad days? Sure. Do moms ever long for a break? Of course. But is there any job more rewarding and joyful than being a mother? Absolutely not. So let’s hear it for moms who work so hard to raise their children, maintain their home, and sacrifice of themselves every day for the sake of their family.

I wish each and every one of you a wonderful Mother’s Day being pampered by those you care for the most!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. Happy Mother’s Day! Give your mom a hug and a kiss today. Let her know how much she is loved and appreciated

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