Best neighborhoods to trick or treat 2010

You''l have to get around these two to collect your candy at this year's show at the Wolcott's

 Halloween is about spending time as a family, enjoying some unique bonding time with the ones you love the most. It’s about getting all dressed up and visiting your neighbors, the perfect chance to see how much the other neighbor kids have grown, and to get caught up on everything that is going on each other’s lives. 

Just kidding. It’s totally about the candy. 

I’ve compiled a list of several neighborhoods with the best loot and most awesome decorations. Have I forgotten any? Be sure to include them in the comments! 

Jose Ramon Ave in Santa Rosa
I’m not exaggerating when I promise that this is the absolute best place to visit in the weeks leading up to Halloween, and of course, Halloween night. The Wolcotts’s and friends put on a great show every year, and 2010 is no exception. This year’s theme is a Wicked West Ghost Town design. It promises to be ultra scary in its 1800’s transformation that includes their Haunted House walk of terror, the amazing light and music show, and several insane and crazy characters sure to scare the bejeezus out of you. And be warned, there have been several Rosa Witch sightings… For those with little ones (or want to blame their own scaredy cat tendencies on their kids), across the street is a kid-friendly yard with lights and music, along with more kid-friendly yards in the neighborhood. 

D Street, Petaluma
Kids in Petaluma know that begging for candy is best done in downtown Petaluma, specifically on D Street. The beautiful Victorian homes are well known for being in the spirit through decorations and a bounty of candy. And the costumes worn by young and old are more than just your typical one-size-fits-all cape and mask. Every year proves the pride that this fun group of trick-or-treaters put into making this night a spectacular event! 

Fountaingrove, Santa Rosa
I admit, this is exactly where my friends and I begged our parents to take us when we were kids. It was rumored that families gave out WHOLE CANDY BARS to trick-or-treaters, making it the Mecca of all places to go beg for candy. Whether this is true or not, who knows?  But it is still considered one of the faves in T or T neighborhoods. Plus, walking up and down those hills will excuse the occasional sneak into junior’s bag for those fun size candy bars. 

McDonald Ave in Santa Rosa
Looking for a place with some serious loot? How about some awesome decorations? This neighborhood is packed every year with kids from all over town, looking to score from the families who are generous with their sweets. And you won’t want to miss seeing Santa Rosa’s favorite historic homes dressed up for the holiday, along with some spooky fun and live performances throughout the night. I’ve been warned by one mom that this isn’t a place for the little ones, however. Anyone agree or disagree? 

Trick-or-treating at businesses
Not so sure about trick-or-treating door to door?  Many businesses will be passing candy out to your costumed munchkins, goblins, princesses, and bearded Brian Wilsons.  In Petaluma, the downtown merchants will be passing out candy to kids 12 & under in their Downtown Trick-or Treat Trail – just look for the orange and black balloons and posters to see who is participating.  The Petaluma Outlets will also be passing out candy, as will the stores at the Santa Rosa Plaza and at Coddingtown.

Other neighborhoods I’ve been clued in to:
Christ Tabernacle in Santa Rosa (1363 Fulton Rd) for their annual Trunk or Treat
Sunshine Ave in Rincon Valley, Santa Rosa (off of Montecito Blvd)
Sonoma Mountain, Petaluma
Johnson St, Healdsburg (Mill St, left on Healdsburg Ave to Piper to Johnson)
Sunnyvale Dr, Healdsburg (Dry Creek Rd, left on Healdsburg Ave to Sunnyvale)

Any others? Tell me all about them in the comments.


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  1. The House on Sunshine Ave in Rincon Valley is SPECTACULAR!!!!! It’s a must-see for sure. They go all out…witches with brewing cauldrons, a hands on evil science lab, a fortune teller, pirates and much more.. They also have a creepy surprise every half hour or so, which rocks!! They’ve got it all, including coffee/cocoa for parents. (I, personally, THANK YOU for this… it is a savior) And…. last year they WERE giving out whole candy bars… which made it my kids favorite pick.. if your in this neck of the woods, you’ve got to check it out!!!

  2. What night will everyone trick or treat on? I have heard some moms say they are going out on Saturday night, but isn’t Sunday night the real night to trick or treat?

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