Takeimi Rao – YOUR help needed!

Tomorrow there will be a funeral service for Takeimi Rao, the 14 year old girl who passed away at her own slumber party this past weekend after a drinking accident. The funeral is at 2pm at St. Eugene’s Cathedral in Santa Rosa. Afterwards, there will be a potluck reception at the same campus. Because this has received so much attention in the media, the family is expecting a large number of people to attend – and they need your help.

If you’ve been wondering what you can do to assist a family in need, here is one way you can.

The first thing they need is food. While the reception after the funeral is a potluck, they are concerned that not enough people are aware of this fact. So I am asking if any of you are able to donate food – from large quantities to a batch of your favorite cookies – it would be much appreciated.

Paper plates, napkins, cups, soda, plastic utensils….  These are also needed.

They are also in need of volunteers to help organize and set up at the service. This group would need to show up at 2pm at St. Eugene’s. Or you can stay afterwards to help with cleanup.  If you can volunteer your time, please let me know.

***NOTE:  Paper products and supplies are no longer needed.  But they are still very much in need of food or desserts.  These can be dropped off at the Becker Center on the St. Eugene’s Campus (the building at the end of the parking lot) at 2pm.***

Contact me at crissi@santarosamom.com if you can help in any way. Thank you so much for your generosity!


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  1. I am unable to help as I’m working, but I wanted to suggest they also find someone to housesit. Some horrible people use news like this to rob the house they know will be empty, and this event has been VERY publicized. I hope you will suggest it to them. I know it’s terrible to think someone would do something like this but……

  2. I am working up until the last minute before picking up my son and taking him to his friends service. If I have time to swing by and get anything (cookies etc.) I will for sure do that. I am assuming the reception will be at Becker Center?

    Also to comment on “Smurf” no worries Foothills area is very secluded area and some parts gated most the houses up there have good home security systems so I wouldn’t worry too much.

    Thanks for posting Crissi. I think that’s great they are doing this. It will be overwhelming I am sure. My son attended last nights gathering at RVMS and it was nice he said. To come together and talk to friends and talk about the good things. Mr. Marshall, Staff and Parents went above and beyond.

  3. I am unable to attend as well, but I was thinking maybe a donation could be started in Takeimi’s name to help futher educate the dangers of drinking when you are a teenager. My blessing
    to the family.

  4. If anyone is unable to come to the service, they can still donate for the reception. Volunteers should be at St. Eugene’s from noon to 2pm to collect donations meant for the reception. thank you everyone for your generosity!

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