Weight a little bit

For the past year I’ve been eating Paleo – specifically no grains or dairy about 80% of the time.  And it’s done wonders in getting rid of my “wheat belly” and in making me feel a lot more energized and healthy.  But it has done nothing to help me lose weight.

With the wedding getting close, I knew I needed to step things up a bit.  So I did the only thing that has ever worked in losing weight – tracking my calories.  I use the Daily Plate function at Livestrong.com, recording everything I’m eating and all exercise I’ve performed to keep my calories at a certain level.  At first, there was no weight loss.  In fact, there was a little weight gain.  And it took a bit to master the fine art of not eating over my calorie limit.  But eventually, I was seeing the numbers dip lower every day as eating within my limits became effortless.

Two days ago, I reached the halfway point.  Being that I only have 10 pounds to lose before I’m satisfied, it’s not like this is a huge accomplishment.  But for anyone who has ever tried to lose weight, you know how hard it is to lose just 5 pounds.  It can take weeks, if not longer.  So seeing that number on the scale that I haven’t seen for months felt like I had managed something huge.  My stomach was looking flatter, I felt leaner, it was an amazing day.

Of course, while taking weight off takes a really long time, putting it back on can happen in the matter of a weekend.

I only saw that low number one morning.  The next morning I was 1.5 pounds up.  Today, I’m 2 pounds up.  I’ve exercised the past two days, I’ve recorded everything I ate and stayed below my calorie limits.  I feel like the food I’ve been eatuing has been pretty smart choices.  And yet, the scale is laughing its evil laugh and adding numbers to my weight.

I’m so frustrated.

It’s possible I might just be bloated.  Or I might have recorded something I ate wrong.  Whatever the issue, I will be taking a long hard look at what I’m eating and try and get that number back down.

Regardless of this setback, I know I can do it.  I have 3 months till my final dress fitting for the wedding when I need to be finished with my goal, and that’s definitely doable.   I’m now up to running 3 miles (at a slow pace, but running nonetheless) every other day, something I’m really proud of.  And I like the way my body is changing.  This goal will come too.

A little bit at a time, right?


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